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Instructions » Breastfeeding in your Mei Tai

Breastfeeding in your Mei Tai

You can comfortably breastfeed your baby hands-free in an upright or slightly reclined position in your mei tai. You may be able to breastfeed without adjusting your carrier simply by lifting your breast to your baby.

If your baby is too high to breastfeed, you can adjust your carrier to lower her.

Loosen the knot in the shoulder straps to loosen the carrier slightly while holding your baby securely. Allow her to slide down low enough to breastfeed. Latch your baby onto your breast. Once your baby is comfortably latched on, retie the shoulder straps snugly to hold your baby in position.
You may wish to angle the body of your mei tai to one side you support your baby’s head in a slightly reclined position. If needed, support your baby’s head with one arm. The rollaway hood can be used for privacy.

After breastfeeding, untie the shoulder straps while holding your baby securely. Pull on the straps to tighten the carrier and move your baby back up into the correct position. Retie the straps securely.

You may also wish to untie the shoulder straps completely and remove your baby from the carrier for breastfeeding while keeping the waist strap on. When you are finished breastfeeding, re-secure your baby in your mei tai and re-tie the shoulder straps.